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Hi. My name is Molly. I’m a 6 year old girl. I like the colour purple, swimming in my pool and unicorns. I have yellow hair that curl around my face. And I don’t talk. It’s not that I don’t... Continue Reading →

Harley and Olivia

Her  I hadn’t thought about Harley in several years. But when I saw his picture on Tinder my heart skipped a beat. Automatically I swiped right! I couldn’t believe it! We were the bestest of friends in high school. Used... Continue Reading →

What Do You Do For Work?

So I apologize in advance, this post isn’t really apart of my whole “being better humans” feel. BUT I think some of you may be able to relate. I suck at small talk. I absolutely never know what to say,... Continue Reading →


I walked into the old age home. It smelt like a combination of Lysol cleaner and the mothball scent from your childhood best friend’s cottage. As I reached the second floor I took my headphones out of my ears, wrapping... Continue Reading →


Hey fellow glittery friends! I tend to have a habit of making up scenarios in my head influenced by my day to day. I daydream of things that are waaay out of any sort of possibility, and at times it... Continue Reading →

The Most Influential Person

The conversation came up recently about who is/was most influential in your life. Most people probably answer a family member or someone they know who went through a hard time. Some people will mention a role model, a writer, athlete... Continue Reading →

A True Compliment

I had a first date the other night. And I received the best compliment, I’ve heard it before, but it always warms my heart to hear. I was told, “you are so easy to talk to you”. And this is... Continue Reading →

So I Took a Little Detour…

I lost myself for a while there. I haven’t figured out all 100% why just yet. Part of it had to do with getting too comfortable where I was and putting too much of myself into a relationship where my... Continue Reading →

One Simple Line

Someone once told me a line about life that has resonated with me ever since. The line itself is from a self improvement course that has been classified as a cult, just an FYI. At first the line angered me,... Continue Reading →

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