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These Songs Keep Me Living

I’ve heard that your favourite song at any given moment reveals your current deepest thoughts and feelings. And I cannot think of a time that wasn’t true for me. Music has always been my therapy. As a kid, my mom... Continue Reading →

The one thing you need to do for self improvement

I’ve had this idea for a blog post in my head since I started it. It’s a piece about self-awareness. Self-awareness, for me, has been a vital component for my improvement journey. Self-awareness was always kind of a thing I... Continue Reading →

To The Girl Who Needs To Feel Special

To the girl who needs to feel special. The girl who needs to feel loved and unique in a crowd or just with one other person. Who needs to stand out and not necessarily for the attention but for the... Continue Reading →

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Post Script

The other day I wrote a letter to my younger self and encouraged myself to have sex at the age I did, 13. Many people may find this offensive or upsetting. I want to be clear – I don’t think... Continue Reading →

Who woulda thunk Disney would be so inspiring?

My littlest cousin and I went to see Sing today – however, for our third attempt to see it, it was sold yet again! So we opted for Moana.

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