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Can Love Die?

It’s funny how you can go long periods without feeling inspired to create something, or you tried but it just wasn’t enough and then suddenly one life event (or a combination of a few) can flip on the switch and... Continue Reading →

These Songs Keep Me Living

I’ve heard that your favourite song at any given moment reveals your current deepest thoughts and feelings. And I cannot think of a time that wasn’t true for me. Music has always been my therapy. As a kid, my mom... Continue Reading →

A Blessing and A Curse

I overthink. It’s that simple. I overthink pretty much anything and everything. It’s a blessing and a curse. It is likely I have ruined many great chances and relationships because of overthinking. It’s hard for me to turn off. I... Continue Reading →

Women! We MUST Start Doing This!

I’ve come into several situations lately where women know so little about their sexual desires, porn and sex toys. I’ve also come across several articles shaming and pushing a negative outlook on porn. Here’s my two cents… Women (and men... Continue Reading →

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15 Thoughts I Had While Watching La La Land

15 Thoughts I Had While Watching La La Land **Spoiler Alert** Alright, settling in for a musical. Gotta mentally prepare for this. It's got great reviews, I used to love musicals, dude on The Edge was skeptical but loved it.... Continue Reading →

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