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Daydreams: A Collection of Short Stories

Edith Part 3

We met for drinks that following week at a brewpub in my neighbourhood. I sat at a high table waiting for him industrial styled lights shone overhead. It wasn’t long before he approached the table. I slipped down from the... Continue Reading →

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Edith Part 2

-Him- I walked up the two flights of stairs to my apartment, sliding my key into the door, it was 830 pm. I felt tired, as always, but looking forward to the work I have planned for the evening. I... Continue Reading →

The Tiniest Heart Ache

With a fresh cup of tea in her hand, she stared out the window watching the snow fall gently to the already several inches they had. Her other hand rubbed her ever growing belly. Sarah was in her final trimester,... Continue Reading →

Letters on the Train

The last train home from the city boarding call boomed over the crowd. Zipping up her jacket, she boarded on with everyone else heading north. She had her headphones in, bag with her notebook and personal affects. It had been... Continue Reading →

Time to Decide

She applied her foot gently on the brake as she approached the split in the road. It was time to make a decision. If she went left it was an unknown route, towards places she’s never been, to people she’s... Continue Reading →

Rated R for Mature Content

Listening to the rain coming down heavy outside my window, I click the side button on my phone. Illuminating my locked screen. No notifications. Reaching for my glass of wine - this was my third of the night - I... Continue Reading →


Hi. My name is Molly. I’m a 6 year old girl. I like the colour purple, swimming in my pool and unicorns. I have yellow hair that curl around my face. And I don’t talk. It’s not that I don’t... Continue Reading →

Harley and Olivia

Her  I hadn’t thought about Harley in several years. But when I saw his picture on Tinder my heart skipped a beat. Automatically I swiped right! I couldn’t believe it! We were the bestest of friends in high school. Used... Continue Reading →


I walked into the old age home. It smelt like a combination of Lysol cleaner and the mothball scent from your childhood best friend’s cottage. As I reached the second floor I took my headphones out of my ears, wrapping... Continue Reading →

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