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Can Love Die?

It’s funny how you can go long periods without feeling inspired to create something, or you tried but it just wasn’t enough and then suddenly one life event (or a combination of a few) can flip on the switch and... Continue Reading →

What Do You Do For Work?

So I apologize in advance, this post isn’t really apart of my whole “being better humans” feel. BUT I think some of you may be able to relate. I suck at small talk. I absolutely never know what to say,... Continue Reading →

A True Compliment

I had a first date the other night. And I received the best compliment, I’ve heard it before, but it always warms my heart to hear. I was told, “you are so easy to talk to you”. And this is... Continue Reading →

Dirty four letter words

Love. Such a powerful word. One cannot accurately describe it. It means different things to everyone. But we can all agree it is a powerful word. I believe there are all types of love outside of the 4 types we... Continue Reading →

Women! We MUST Start Doing This!

I’ve come into several situations lately where women know so little about their sexual desires, porn and sex toys. I’ve also come across several articles shaming and pushing a negative outlook on porn. Here’s my two cents… Women (and men... Continue Reading →

Featured post Everything about this article screams who I am (except number 10, I wait because I'm a hopeless romantic - even if I know it may not work out). I often am able to find myself in the writings on... Continue Reading →

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