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Being better humans

Express Yourself Please

Words have always been important to me. They’ve always been a comfort, something I could rely on. I always read books and can get lost into a story and never want it to finish. Creatively, writing has ebbed and flowed.... Continue Reading →

The Most Influential Person

The conversation came up recently about who is/was most influential in your life. Most people probably answer a family member or someone they know who went through a hard time. Some people will mention a role model, a writer, athlete... Continue Reading →

A True Compliment

I had a first date the other night. And I received the best compliment, I’ve heard it before, but it always warms my heart to hear. I was told, “you are so easy to talk to you”. And this is... Continue Reading →

Dirty four letter words

Love. Such a powerful word. One cannot accurately describe it. It means different things to everyone. But we can all agree it is a powerful word. I believe there are all types of love outside of the 4 types we... Continue Reading →

The one thing you need to do for self improvement

I’ve had this idea for a blog post in my head since I started it. It’s a piece about self-awareness. Self-awareness, for me, has been a vital component for my improvement journey. Self-awareness was always kind of a thing I... Continue Reading →

How to deal with mean spirited people in the moment

Part of self improvement and a better life is to stand up for yourself. It’s hard to balance between being a decent human being (you know minding your own business, letting everyone do their own thing) and being a down right bitch when you’re being walked all over.

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