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Express Yourself Please

Words have always been important to me. They’ve always been a comfort, something I could rely on. I always read books and can get lost into a story and never want it to finish. Creatively, writing has ebbed and flowed.... Continue Reading →

Can Love Die?

It’s funny how you can go long periods without feeling inspired to create something, or you tried but it just wasn’t enough and then suddenly one life event (or a combination of a few) can flip on the switch and... Continue Reading →

The Most Influential Person

The conversation came up recently about who is/was most influential in your life. Most people probably answer a family member or someone they know who went through a hard time. Some people will mention a role model, a writer, athlete... Continue Reading →

So I Took a Little Detour…

I lost myself for a while there. I haven’t figured out all 100% why just yet. Part of it had to do with getting too comfortable where I was and putting too much of myself into a relationship where my... Continue Reading →

One Simple Line

Someone once told me a line about life that has resonated with me ever since. The line itself is from a self improvement course that has been classified as a cult, just an FYI. At first the line angered me,... Continue Reading →

These Songs Keep Me Living

I’ve heard that your favourite song at any given moment reveals your current deepest thoughts and feelings. And I cannot think of a time that wasn’t true for me. Music has always been my therapy. As a kid, my mom... Continue Reading →

Accept Failure or Live in Disappointment

I don’t know how to handle disappointment. Failure is one of my biggest fears. Putting in effort, doing something I’m proud of and to not have it accepted or well received makes me feel useless. I’m not quite sure why... Continue Reading →

Post Script

The other day I wrote a letter to my younger self and encouraged myself to have sex at the age I did, 13. Many people may find this offensive or upsetting. I want to be clear – I don’t think... Continue Reading →

A letter to 13 year old me

As I sit in a picture-esq moment (in front of a roaring fire, rain against the glass window, purring cat beside me) I can’t help but to reflect.

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