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Today is my Due Date

I am going to take a big risk here with this post. I began writing it one month ago, editing and ensuring my story was told the best way possible. So here it goes… On November 30, 2017 I had... Continue Reading →

What Do You Do For Work?

So I apologize in advance, this post isn’t really apart of my whole “being better humans” feel. BUT I think some of you may be able to relate. I suck at small talk. I absolutely never know what to say,... Continue Reading →

So I Took a Little Detour…

I lost myself for a while there. I haven’t figured out all 100% why just yet. Part of it had to do with getting too comfortable where I was and putting too much of myself into a relationship where my... Continue Reading →

These Songs Keep Me Living

I’ve heard that your favourite song at any given moment reveals your current deepest thoughts and feelings. And I cannot think of a time that wasn’t true for me. Music has always been my therapy. As a kid, my mom... Continue Reading →

Dream Big

Labels. We naturally use them, its human to categorize and organize things and people. It helps us know where things go, what they mean, how to use them etc. etc. etc. They can be harmful too. Incorrect judgments, holding you... Continue Reading →

A Blessing and A Curse

I overthink. It’s that simple. I overthink pretty much anything and everything. It’s a blessing and a curse. It is likely I have ruined many great chances and relationships because of overthinking. It’s hard for me to turn off. I... Continue Reading →

Accept Failure or Live in Disappointment

I don’t know how to handle disappointment. Failure is one of my biggest fears. Putting in effort, doing something I’m proud of and to not have it accepted or well received makes me feel useless. I’m not quite sure why... Continue Reading → Everything about this article screams who I am (except number 10, I wait because I'm a hopeless romantic - even if I know it may not work out). I often am able to find myself in the writings on... Continue Reading →

Run, Abby, Run

My mind is racing about things to write about tonight. It’s been a bit of a future-focused, gotta get shit together kind of day. Maybe I’ll use tonight’s post as a teaser trailer into the mind of Abby and what future posts you can look forward to (oh how fun!)

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