So you’re probably wondering, who the heck is this person and what is this blog all about? Well, let me briefly introduce you. I’m a 20-something (closer to the 30 side – last of the 80s baby!), master’s graduate, and hedgehog loving female. I grew up in a split family with an older brother and many extended siblings that came and went. Most of my family farm so I have a bit if a country side to me, but I have lived in a small city most of my life now. You’ll come to learn more about my life, my passions and peeves as you read.

I decided to start writing as a form of expression and therapy for myself. I like to think I have some decent wisdom to share about self-improvement and how to be a better human as I have come a long way in my small amount of years (it’s the whole Dear Abby thing). I have been passionate about these two things for some time now. I got back into writing and as my writing has evolved and changed as have I. However, the sound of my keys will always be a little pleasure for me.