I walked up the two flights of stairs to my apartment, sliding my key into the door, it was 830 pm. I felt tired, as always, but looking forward to the work I have planned for the evening. I putting my keys on their hook by the door, I turned on the lights. Spring seems to be unusually warm this year, wet as always.

Thinking about my assignment I was working on, I mindlessly opened the fridge. I haven’t been home the past couple nights, working late. There wasn’t anything I wanted to eat or drink in there. Closing the fridge door empty handed, I heard my apartment buzzer go off. The sound startled me, unsure who it could be. Walking back to the front door, I pushed my index finger to the button and said “Hello?” and the voice I heard flooded me with desire. It was her.

Not saying anything back, I buzzed her in.

I entered the hallway; unsure she knew which apartment was mine. She walked up the stairs, her hair curly, and her eyes green searched for mine. I did my best to hide my smile; the sight of her gave me butterflies. I haven’t seen her in months, but she still had the same affect on me, I always felt so out of control of myself around her. She wasn’t an intimidating person, only 5 feet tall.

The surprise of her appearance and her smile stunning as ever had me speechless. We stood looking into each other’s eyes, not saying a single word to each other. We stood there for what felt like minutes before I managed to mutter “Wow, what a surprise, come in”.

We walked in, I still in utter shock of the thought of her in my apartment, didn’t even notice the two coffees she placed on the small table in the front hallway as she removed her coat. I walked into the kitchen and called out “What would you like for a drink? I wasn’t expecting company, and have been working late, you know the deal of my job.”

Finally she spoke, “Oh, I brought coffees.”

“Well of course you did” I walked back into the hallway, now seeing the two red Tim Horton’s cups, back in her hands. “Thank you. Here we can sit in the living room.”

We sat on separate couches in silence.

I took a sip of coffee and blankly asked, “So, what are you doing here?”

Realizing how rude I sounded, she explained, “Well Todd, it’s a long story, but a lady I work with inspired me. Told me life’s too short not to make a grand gesture for love…” she trailed off, looking into my eyes, trying to read me. She was always over analyzing everyone’s behaviour. Judging how to make her next move based on other’s emotions.

I held back the urge to walk over, to sit beside her, to slip that piece of bang behind her ear. She had this affect on me, where I wanted to suppress my animal desires and be gentle. Not many women in my life have been able to bring out the romantic in me. Being an athlete when I was younger was used to having women drop whatever they were doing to give me what I needed. Romance lacked in my life, and up to lately, I haven’t pursued it either, focusing on my career.

I tried to think of something witty to say, “Do you always do what old ladies tell you to do?”

She laughed, thank god I thought, it wasn’t my best line. She went into more detail about the lady she was referring to and the work she has been up to. Listening to her we fell into a comfortable natural conversation. It wasn’t until my phone went off an hour later that I was reminded of my assignment I was supposed to be working on. I explained to her “I’m so sorry I have this assignment, it’s due in two days and I’m not near finished.”

“Oh, of course, you should get on that! Don’t need to get you into any trouble, you do that well enough on your own.” She stood up and walked towards the door.

I got her coat out of the closet and handed it to her, not wanting her to leave, but instead wanting to run my hands along her back and all of her gorgeous curves. I reached out, my hand landing on her upper hip, just below her waist, I looked into her eyes and said, “This was the best Wednesday night surprise I could ever imagine, thank you for the coffee.”

I was unsure what I saw flicker behind her eyes, was it embarrassment, was it fear, was it passion? She mumbled something about making sure I met my deadline said goodbye and opened my front door, she was down the stairs before I could say anything more.

He texted me at 1 am following our coffee. Our conversation had felt so natural, I felt so at ease listening to what he has been up to, what assignments he’s been working on. His ambition and drive startled me as none of the men I have been with had the same drive. I admired it. Little did he know he inspired me to push my own passions.

He asked me out for drinks “to catch up better” once he had submitted his assignment and had some free time. I agreed. I couldn’t believe what was happening, thank you Edith!